Why Should You Get Solar Panels?

Due to the increase in energy prices, switching to solar power will generate a far bigger saving than ever before along with other benefits. The technology has advanced greatly in recent years, and solar energy storage devices have been added to make solar a much more efficient source of clean energy. Making solar panels the main source of energy for many families. We’ve highlighted a few of the advantages of solar panels below to help you decide which energy source is best for you.

Environmental Impact 

With solar panels on your roof, you may become more independent from the National Grid, minimise your home’s environmental impact, and have more control over how and when you consume electricity. It doesn’t emit greenhouse gases or contaminate the environment. Because many solar installations, such as household solar panels, are in urban areas, solar energy generation produces no noise, which is a significant benefit.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

You will use less electricity from the utility company if you generate your own electricity, saving you money on your energy bills. The amount you save on your bill is determined by the size of your solar system and the amount of power or heat you use. You can also profit by selling any excess electricity back to the grid. The more energy you produce, the less energy you will require from a source, increasing your energy independence.

Low Maintenance

Solar energy systems, in general, do not require a lot of upkeep. You only need to keep them clean on a regular basis, so cleaning them a couple of times a year would suffice. 

There is also no wear and tear because there are no moving parts. Because it is always working to convert solar energy into electricity and heat, the inverter is usually the only part that needs to be replaced after 5-10 years.

Tax Saving

The UK government has just reduced the VAT on solar panels from 5% to zero percent, in order to encourage their installation. This will save money on bills for households by making now the optimum time to invest in renewable energy. Solar panel grants, in addition to eliminating VAT, can assist with the installation costs of solar panels, which can be costly.

Diverse Applications

There are many uses for Solar Panels serving its own purpose. With Solar Panels, you can generate electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal). Solar energy has the ability to produce electricity in areas without an energy grid and to distil water with limited clean water supplies.

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