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Renewable Energy Heating

Reduce your heating bills & get money back for producing energy from Renewable Sources!

Renewable Ways to Heat your Home

Switching to renewable energy can shrink your carbon footprint, reduce your energy bills and provide you with a reliable source of heating and hot water all year round. We supply and install solar panels and ground source heat pumps and can help you choose the right option for your home.

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Solar panels

Advances made since solar panels first became popular have seen them become easier to retrofit, less expensive and far more effective in their reduction in heating costs over time. A well-sized solar panel system could provide up to 60% of your annual hot water requirements, giving you a great saving on your monthly bills.

The solar panels we supply and install are Worcester Greenskies panels, which convert the energy from both direct and diffused sunlight into heat, producing hot water for the home. This means that your solar panels will still be effective on a cloudy day.

These solar panels can be used alongside existing heating systems that use a cylinder to store hot water. They are the perfect partner to the Worcester Greenstar regular and system condensing boilers.

The solar panels are available in portrait and landscape formats to suit a variety of roof sizes and shapes. We can work with you to design a layout that suits your property and maximises the amount of energy your panels will generate.

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Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground which can then be used to heat your home and water. One metre below the surface, the ground remains at a relatively constant temperature of 12˚C throughout most of the UK. Ground source heat pumps are designed to harvest this energy and use it to warm water for heating and domestic use. In a well-insulated property, every 1 kilowatt of electricity used to power the heat pump can provide up to 5 kilowatts of free energy.

We supply and install Worcester’s Greenstore ground source heat pumps, which are suitable for a variety of properties and designed to be the sole source of heating and hot water in the home. 

To find out more about the benefits of switching to renewable energy or to receive your free quotation for a solar panel or heat pump installation, contact our expert team.

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