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Central heating power flushing

Central Heating Power Flushing

Our central heating engineers can carry out power flushing to improve the efficiency of your heating system, prevent breakdowns and increase the lifespan of your boiler. Over time, sludge and other debris can build up in your boiler, pipes and radiators, causing your heating to work less efficiently. Power flushing sends water through the system at a high velocity to flush away any build up, returning your central heating to full working order.

Power flushing is a key part of central heating maintenance and just like investing in an annual boiler service, regular power flushing could help you avoid costly breakdowns in future.

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Signs a power flush may be required

If your radiators have cold spots, take a long time to heat up, need frequent bleeding or are leaking, a power flush may be required. You may also notice that your radiators or boiler have become noisier, or that your boiler is switching on and off. If you spot any of these signs, or your central heating simply doesn’t seem to be working efficiently, get in touch. Our central heating engineers will be able to assess your system and advise whether power flushing might be needed.

As part of our boiler installation service, we will power flush your existing pipework and radiators before connecting your new boiler, ensuring that it works efficiently and reliably from day one. Once your boiler has been installed, we recommend regular power flushing to keep your central heating system clear of debris that could cause it to run less efficiently, or eventually cause a breakdown.

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Power flushing should always be carried out by a qualified central heating engineer. At JM Page, our engineers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of central heating maintenance, including power flushing. Contact us to book a central heating power flush today.

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