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Solar Energy Milton Keynes

Greener energy is no longer a something that will happen in the future, it's here... now and the demand for solar panels in the Milton Keynes area continues to grow unabated.  Each year, JM Page devotes ever more resources to developing the solar energy market in Buckinghamshire as its popularity steadily increases. Solar energy has come a long way since its introduction and there are now measurable benefits to be considered.  Solar power systems provide a highly efficient way to generate electricity from sunlight, which not only saves money on fuel bills, but can also help to reduce your carbon footprint. 


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CALL:  01908 222227  FAX: 01908 222292 EMAIL: info@jmpage.co.uk


Solar is considered a renewable Energy source and installations can qualify for the Renewable heat Incentive Grant -- Click the Icon for further details and how to apply



Solar Panel Installers in Milton Keynes


We live in austere times where everyone is conscious of rising energy prices, but with planning permissions significantly eased and grants being made available for more energy efficient projects, it is worth considering the benefits of solar energy. A solar panel collects energy from direct or diffused sunlight, converting it into heat, which is then used to produce hot water. JM Page can install a solar power system that could significantly reduce your annual hot water and heating costs.


JM Page is investing in the future by responding to the urgent need for alternative energy sources.  At our Milton Keynes depot, we already have a fully equipped team of solar panel installers, who are up-to-date with the latest installation procedures and photovoltaic modules. 


If you are interested in a solar power system and would like more information regarding our solar panel installers or details of our full design and service. Please contact our  Milton Keynes office today for a free estimate.






Planning Permission and Grants for solar panels 


Planning permission for installing solar panels was eased significantly in 2008 and grants are available through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme and if using an MCS registered installer - such as ourselves, can also potentially received incentives from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. 


If you would like further information regarding our solar panel installation, please take a look at our solar panel page or contact us on telephone number 01908 222227.