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Solar PV Installers Buckinghamshire

JM Page is a top level supplier and installer of Solar PV panels in the Buckinghamshire area. With the weight of an established domestic & commercial heating and plumbing business behind us, we are able to install Photovoltaic systems that are individually tailored to your needs and within your budget.  We have a dedicated team of Solar PV installers and technicians who can advise you on the best ways to invest in long term energy solutions.

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If you are considering Solar PV panels it makes sense to consult a local PV installer in Buckinghamshire who can reach you quickly and efficiently. JM Page have turned over the unfounded myth that solar panels might be ineffective in the UK.  On the contrary, advancements in Solar PV technology have made it possible for solar panels to provide a realistic option for Buckinghamshire residents. There is an increasing demand for PV electric solar panels as more home owners are discovering that Solar PV panels offer a worthwhile investment. In business or commercial premises, some companies are also seeing the light when it comes to energy efficiency, cutting down on waste instead of jobs.



Greenskies solar cylinder
The Greenskies cylinder is a stainless steel unvented twin-coil storage cylinder. It’s specifically designed to be installed in conjunction* with Worcester Greenskies solar water heating.

The cylinder is available in 4 sizes, 180, 210, 250 and 300 litres. It’s supplied complete with all the necessary safety and control devices needed to connect to the cold water mains.





CALL:  01908 222227  FAX: 01908 222292 EMAIL: info@jmpage.co.uk


Whatever your specific need, whether it be retro fit or new installation, we can help.  We only use reputable manufacturers and can guarantee the best installation for your needs.  Call for a FREE QUOTATION and survey

Solar is considered a renewable Energy source and installations can qualify for the Renewable heat Incentive Grant -- Click the Icon for further details and how to apply


Photovoltaic, or PV solar panels, generate electricity from daylight, even when the sky is overcast, and they can last for up to 40 years. Our teams are fully versed in all the options available for the installation of Solar PV Panel systems. They can tell you everything you need to know about investing in on-grid PV solar panels and will explain how to reap the many benefits and achievable financial rewards.


Our Solar PV installers go to great lengths to ensure that our work is always of the highest quality and will do everything you might reasonably expect to guarantee a smooth PV installation. It's never made more sense to install Solar PV panels. JM Page are keen to promote these alternative energy sources and have engineers with experience in all areas from specification to installation. We aim to be Buckinghamshire's leading Solar PV specialist; we work with you, keeping you well informed of arrangements and timescales to achieve a perfect job every time.




  • Efficient solar panels with 95% absorption rate
  • Standard efficiency panel - only 12% of solar energy reflected back into atmosphere
  • 10 guarantee on solar panels, 25 year guarantee on domestic hot water cylinder
  • Selective coating on solar panels - increases collector performance, even in cloud
  • On-roof, roof integration, flat roof and wall mounted at 45° installation
  • Simple to use controller
  • Compatible with Greenskies hot water cylinder
  • Solar panels contain solar safety glass
  • Robust solar panel design
  • Solar panels are easy to fit
  • Solar Keymark approved (European quality mark)